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Our Services

Our Infectious Disease Specialists offer broad expertise in all aspects of Infectious Disease Medicine including:

  • Resistant, cancer-related or unusual infections
  • Surgical and orthopedic infections
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Care of Infected Wounds
  • Fungal infections
  • Hospital epidemiology and infection control
  • Antimicrobial management
  • Complicated ear/nose/throat/sinus infections
  • Valley fever


Infectious Disease Specialists

Infectious Disease Specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic infections. They are often called in to evaluate and oversee challenging cases where an illness is difficult to diagnose or has not responded to treatment. The specialized training and diagnostic tools of the ID Specialist can help determine the cause of your infection and the best approach to treatment.

Each of our ID Physicians has 9-10 years of Specialized Education and Training:

  • 4 years of medical school
  • 3 years training as a doctor of internal medicine
  • 2-3 years specialized training in infectious diseases

Our physicians are board certified in both Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Typical Procedures

Your ID Specialist will review your medical data, including X-rays and laboratory results. They may also perform a physical exam to help determine the cause of your problem.


ID specialists often order laboratory tests to examine blood, body fluids or cultures from wounds. These tests help your ID specialist detect antibodies that indicate what type of infection you have. These tests can also further explain results of earlier tests, helping to pinpoint the problem.


Treatments consist of antibiotics to battle the infection and prevent it from returning. The antibiotics may be given to you orally or may be administered via IV therapy. Often, we can provide IV therapy in our office, decreasing the likelihood that you will need to be hospitalized.

Working with Other Physicians

Our ID Specialists work with your personal physician or other hospital physicians to determine which diagnostic tests are appropriate. If treatment is necessary, your doctors and our ID Specialists will work together to develop a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.

Often you will be asked to return to the ID Specialist for follow-up visits. This allows our ID Specialist to check your progress, confirm that the infection is gone and help prevent it from coming back.